Now that we sold this house, it seems to hold true that black doors truly do add value to your home. It is easy to scrape off with a razor knife when it dries. You may be satisfied after this coat, but if not, apply a third coat after sanding the second. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Paint the rails starting with the top one working down. Need help painting my steel front door. Colander Planter. If your door has raised panels, paint the reveals first and then the panels. After painting the doors so many times, I was a bit uncertain how best to proceed. If you spray, keep the door open and cover the doorway with plastic sheeting. I wanted to make sure the paint was good and dry so it would not leave a line from being closed overnight. Painting A Steel Door And Tricks For Smooth Professional Finish . If the door already has painted hinges, paint them again. Paint the rails starting with the top one … Tools & Supplies: Modern Masters Front Door Paint in Black. Spread one thin coat of oil-based paint by spraying it or by painting it with a brush. Paint the first coat, focussing on any raised door panels first, and then paint the rest of the door. If the paint drips, don't try to wipe them off while the paint is wet. Step 1. Technical Details. Let the primer dry completely, which takes about 2 hours, then sand the door lightly with 220-grit sandpaper and wipe off the dust. On the first painting attempt, I did paint with a primer. After: Painted Black Front Door ; I was a conformist and did what most people on Pinterest are doing and went with a black front door. Turn your door into a brilliant first impression—that lasts and lasts—with Rust-Oleum® Stops Rust® Door Paint. Apply to metal, fiberglass or wood to revitalize an old door or protect investment in a new door. One DIY enthusiast, Cora Seaman, has proved how a £10 tin of Rust-Oleum goes a long way when it comes to transforming the exterior of our homes. You get the best results applying oil-based paint with a sprayer, but if you don't have spray equipment, you can get good results with a brush. Paint horizontally, left to right. How to Paint a Front Door – Without Removing It! Apply a thin coat with a brush or roller. Unscrew and remove the sweep on the bottom of the door, if there is one. Getting a clean edge if you didn’t tape: lightly load the brush with paint and lay it crosswise at the edge patting the edge lightly. With this DIY, you can upcycle your exterior plastic front door and give it a fresh new makeover. Browse Projects Previous Next. Read more. Don't worry if you don't get complete coverage with this coat. First tighten the screws on the hinges, and then inspect them for improvement. You have to fill and flatten dents, or they will show up, and you have to clean, etch and prime the surface, or the paint may lift. Give a light sanding to the entire door to give the paint a rough surface to grip. Enjoy your new front door ‘Be careful with the door for 2-3 … Video shows how to prepare and paint exterior front metal door. Replacing UPVC entirely is costly, but you can completely transform the way it looks and add instant curb appeal with Rust-Oleum Universal All-Surface Paint, an advanced paint and primer in one that allows you to paint straight onto UPVC. I just used a few light coats and the door knob was as good as new! The right way. Prime the door with an oil-based metal primer. Don T Cheat On Quality Spray Paint Front Door Redo My Blessed Life. The door will need a second coat and we have enough for that. Just pop it into a baggie or some plastic wrap, and it is good to go while waiting for the paint to dry on the door before the next color. AFTER of painted door knob: Mistake #4: Not priming. Estimated Time. Thanks for the great tips. Love the front door, now! I’ve been wanting to paint our front door a red. To give the old metal decorative inserts new life and stand out, I used rub n buff in ebony. Indoor/outdoor Satin For Best Results Use with a high-quality brush or roller on pre-primed doors. Apply it to revitalize an old door or to protect a new one. Spray the primer with a compressed air spray gun or spread it with a brush. If your front door is bare wood, you’ll still be able to see the grain after two coats so will need a … Also remove kickplates, if any. Apply the paint with a synthetic brush in the direction of the grain. Fill dents, depressions and other defects with auto body filler. Fade. Painting your front door will give you loads of instant curb appeal. I got this to paint the front door, the cranberry red that matches some outdoor details. Let the paint dry overnight, then sand it with 220-grit sandpaper and apply another thin coat. Use it to revitalize an old door or protect a new one. How to paint a front door Step 1: Clean and prep the door. Available Sizes. Prime the door with an oil-based metal primer. Give your paint a really good stir so the colour pigments are thoroughly mixed. Transform Your Chair and Ottoman. Faron. How to Clean Shower Doors With a Spray Bottle of White Vinegar, How to Get the Smoothest Finish on a Door, How to Keep Steel Exterior Doors From Mildewing, How to Paint Previously Stained Fiberglass Doors, House Painting Info: Painting a Steel Door. Drips are easy to sand flat after the paint dries. Cora used a few coats of the Universal All-Surface Paint to banish all trace of her brown UPVC front door. I used a paintbrush because of all the detail in our door. Wear a respirator while spraying or painting with a brush. Step by step process of spray painting the front door with Rust-Oleum oil base paint. Glass insert makeover (Optional) If you have a glass insert like mine and want to hide the design in it, tape around it to protect the door and spray paint with a Frosted glass spray paint. Resistant. Here is a progression of how the doors should look after each layer. I would never have thought to paint it black, but I love it! Stops Rust Door Paint Page. The bottom may include weather stripping so try to edge it carefully. Either way, this one-coat paint dries quickly so you can mount and close your door in no time. Like; Save; artamnesia. The color and feel of the door set the tone for the rest of the house. Chip. You can wash it out after this last brown layer. Also includes how to strip a metal door if it has a lot of peeling and chipping. I am Anika! Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint (or any color of your choice) Oil Rubbed Bronze latch strikes (you can find cheaper ones at Home Depot) Empty Cardboard box or scrap Styrofoam (optional but handy) Nitrile gloves; Step 1 – Remove the door knobs. Scrape it flat with the knife before it hardens. I'll let you know how it turns out. Step 2 . High Quality … TRUSTED QUALITY SINCE 1921. Challenge Level. *Make sure you are painting the sides of the door at the same time you do each layer! Painted Bi-fold Doors . Learn how to paint your front door the easy way. The paint levels better if you take the door down and lay it flat. DIY Rustic X-leg Console Table with Plans, DIY Console Table – Ballard Designs Inspired, 26 Simple Scrap Wood Projects for Beginners, How to Use Gel Stain – Update Cabinets Without Sanding, $10 DIY Tiered Planter Box Plans and Video Tutorial. Original Author. Rust-oleum makes some good door paints. Product information Color:Black. Painting A Steel Door And Tricks For Smooth Professional Finish.