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Cracow Ophthalmology Centre ZOOPTICA

Cracow Ophthalmology Centre ZOOPTICA is a modern health centre providing specialist ophthalmology care at the highest level. We take special care of improvement and perfection of our patients’ vision and, at the same time, their feeling of comfort at work and in their free time. We specialize in refractive surgery and modern cataract surgery.

Laser correction of vision defects (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism) is conducted by our experienced and qualified team of ophthalmic surgeons using such methods as PRK, Lasek, Lasik and Epilasik. Surgeries are performed using ALLEGRETTO WAVE excimer laser being the most modern among lasers used in Poland. We also offer PTK-phototherapeutic keratectomy.

Cataract (cataracta) surgery uses phacoemulsification method with artificial intraocular lens application in one-day surgery. We offer a wide range of diagnostic examination and eye disease therapy.

We help patients with AMD, glaucoma and tear ducts' problems. We also offer minor ophthalmologic surgeries such as: eyelid surgeries, chalazion removal ect.


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