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Applied Lenses

Since the introduction of phakic intraocular lens in 1949 (IOL - Intra Ocular Lens) applied in cataract surgery as replacement of natural lens, there has been a great progress in the technology of lenses production, quality of used materials and range of lenses offered to patients to suit their individual needs.
Cracow Ophthalmology Centre "ZOOPTICA" offers modern lenses produced by ALCON - an American company being a worldwide leader in the production of intraocular lenses. Very good results as regards vision improvement and low percentage of post-operative complication have made ALCON lenses the most commonly used lenses in the world. Almost 24 million patients have already had ALCON lenses implanted.
After the blurred lens is removed, a foldable intraocular lens (IOL) is implanted into the eye. The material of the lens allows it to be unfolded in the eye and properly fixed within the lens bag.
ALCON AcrySof® Lenses are made of patented acrylic and water-resistant material designed specially for the needs of ophthalmology. Owing to its biocompatibility with eye tissues and good clinging to the lens bag, the material is characterized by the lowest clinically proved percentage of post-operative blurry visions.

AcrySof® Lenses types:

SINGLE VISION LENSES - their use ensures good far visual, however, near visual acuity requires the use of glasses.

  • multi-piece IOL - made of transparent material, has a UV filter and its arms (haptic parts) are made of other material than that of the optical part.
  • single-piece IOL (SA60AT) - is entirely made of the same water-resistant material, has a UV filter and its construction has a better effect on central and stable location of lens in the lens bag.
  • "Natural" single-piece IOL (SN60AT) - apart from a UV filter it also has blue light filter protecting, similarly to a natural eye lens, the retina against distortions caused by harmful solar radiation. It is entirely made of transparently yellow acrylic and water-resistant material. The chromophore bonded to the lens material filters blue light getting to the retina and, thus, it behaves similarly to a healthy lens in a person around 30. The implantation of “natural” IOL after cataract removal not only restores vision acuity, but it also ensures protection of the retina throughout the entire life.
  • "Natural" single-piece aspheric optic IOL (SN60WF) - apart from having the same properties as the "Natural" single-piece IOL, the single-piece aspheric optic OIL uses aspheric curvature of the optics, which is responsible for elimination of excessive refraction of light rays on the brink of optical structure of the lens, which, especially in bad lighting, may diminish the feeling of contract and weaken vision acuity. The lens with aspheric optics imitates the functions of a healthy and young human lens.

MULTI-PIECE pseudoaccommodative AcrySof® ReSTOR® "Natural" lenses was designed specially for patients who want to enjoy both far and near vision acuity without the necessity to correct their vision with glasses. ReSTOR® lens uses the light refraction and defraction phenomena, which make possible for a patient to benefit from the effect of “pseudo accommodation”, i.e. ability to see acutely objects from various distances. It imitates the accommodation ability of a healthy human lens in the best way. About 80% of patients with implanted ReSTOR® lens do not need glasses to perform their daily activities such as reading, working with a computer, driving or practising sports. For satisfactory performance of ReSTOR® it is necessary that they are implanted in both eyes.
Apart from its pseudo-accommodation properties, ReSTOR® lens are characterized by all the properties of "Natural" lens.

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