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Qualification Examinations

Prior to one-day cataract removal surgery using phacoemulsification method, a complete ophthalmic examination needs to be carried out, which consists of the following:

  • vision acuity evaluation,
  • evaluation of front and rear section of eye ball,
  • measurement of intraocular pressure,
  • refractometry and keratometry
  • biometrics including calculation of intraocular lens power
  • USG examination of eye ball
  • gonioscopy (drainage angle examination)

Additional examinations may be carried out, if necessary.

The recommended laboratory tests and ECG examination (see: pre op recommendations) should be carried out 2 weeks prior to the planned surgery.
It is also necessary to carry out a medical interview concerning a patient's general condition of health and consult an internal medicine specialist to obtain a written certificate of the patient's fitness for one-day surgery.

A patient is qualified for a surgery after no counterindications, both ophthalmic as well as relating to general condition of health, have been found.

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