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Glaucoma – is a disease which most often results in painless, progressive damage to the optic nerve, sometimes leading to blindness. It is a disease with a varied morphology. One of its most common causes is increased intra-ocular pressure. Glaucoma can be treated pharmacologically, with the aid of laser procedures, and surgically.

At Zooptica, we offer testing which allows for early detection of glaucoma, and the monitoring of its treatment. We perform: measurements of intra-ocular pressure, corneal pachymetry (measurement of the thickness of the cornea), visual field tests, gonioscopy (examination of the filtration angle), OCT of the optic nerve head.

At our centre, we also conduct YAG laser iridotomy for patients with narrow-angle and angle-closure glaucoma.

Gonioscopy – is the examination of the iridocorneal angle, or so-called filtration angle, of the eye, which provides us with information as to what type of glaucoma we're dealing with – is it open- or closed-angle? Through this examination, patients are qualified for further appropriate pharmacological, laser or surgical treatment, with the aim of achieving an intra-ocular pressure that halts the progression of the disease, while at the same time maintaining the best possible functioning of the visual organ.