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Allegretto Wave Excimer Laser

ALLEGRETTO WAVE 200 Hz model 1009 excimer laser is one of the most advanced laser systems for refractive surgery manufactured by German concern WaveLight Laser Technologie AG.

The concern holds ISO 9000 certificate and is the only European manufacturer of such equipment, which was admitted by FDA for use in the American market.

Technical data:
Beam parameters 0,95mm, Gaussian profile
Wavelength 193nm
Pulse time 12ns
Frequency 200Hz
Operation time 4s / D (for complete correction of optic area 6,5mm)
Ablation depth 4 - 100 µm
Optics Carl Zeiss
Eye tracking system - a system of 3 active infrared diodes
- calculation of the pupil centre location
- frequency 250Hz
- scanning time: ~ 4ms
- reaction time: ~8ms


Taking into account the significance of our vision condition for quality of life, safety in refractive surgery has a fundamental meaning. The safety is ensured in WaveLight Laser by the use of so-called perfect pulse technology. This sophisticated technology ensures that each surgery and each laser beam are fully controlled:

  • it ensures the stability of laser energy in actual time,
  • it eliminates the influence of such external factors as humidity and temperature by its full tightness of optic system,
  • By using ultra quick eye tracking system following even the quickest eye ball movements, it ensures that each pulse of the laser beam is located in exactly planned pint of the cornea. If a patient moves his/her eye during ablation, the operation is still perfectly carried out. If eye movements are too violent the laser stops emitting a beam to start again at the stopping point automatically after the eye has regained its fixation.


In order to achieve a precise effect of the surgery, the ophthalmologist has to specify a patient's exact vision defect and his/her condition of health. The examination results are introduced to the laser system, which sets each pulse of laser beams with small diameters and high frequency based on the results and in such a way that the cornea surface is carefully modified point by point.


ALLEGRETTO WAVE system reduces the actual time of laser beam ablation on the cornea surface to a few seconds (4 seconds / D ). The average time is several seconds e.g. 16 seconds for 4 dioptre vision defect correction. The short surgery time reduces the risk of infection and minimizes time in which the uncovered cornea is exposed to external factors as well as it limits the drying of the cornea. Clinical tests indicate that the short surgery time shortens the time of cornea healing, recuperation of vision after the surgery and stability of the correction effects.


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