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Lasik Surgery Procedure

preparation for surgery - immediately before the surgery the ophthalmologist carried out a final evaluation of the eye prepared for the surgery and then applied aesthetic drops several times. A patient enters the operating room, and is laid on the laser operating bed and his/her eye is disinfected and another dose of anaesthetic is applied to it. In order to avoid closing of the eye during the surgery, so-called eye lid dilator is put into the eye lid gap. Next the operating table is set in proper position with respect to laser tracking system. A patient is asked to direct his vision to light points specified by the operator. It facilitates a precise location of the cornea surface with respect to a laser beam.

cutting of the epithelial flap - a suction ring of the microkeratome head is set onto the eye ball and the epithelial flap is automatically cut off. The operator takes the microkeratome off the eye ball and hinges the flap using a special spatula.

ablation - the laser beam tracking system is again controlled and a patient is asked to look exactly at the green light point. The system starts and a cold laser light beam hits the corneal surface pulse by pulse. High photon energy of the beam removes the corneal cell layers and modifies the corneal surface to achieve a desired shape.

putting the flap back into place - following the completed ablation, the flap is gently and precisely put back into place and the process of eye wound healing starts. For the next 2-3 minutes the eye is still open so as to facilitated adherence of the flap to the surface. The eye lid dilator is removed and antibiotic drops and non-steroid anti-inflammation medicines are applied in the conjunctiva bag.

after the surgery - a patient is escorted to the post-operation room, where he stays for 2-3 hours. The patient should have his/her eyes closed and not clench or rub his/her eye lids. Not earlier than 30 minutes after the surgery, the location of the corneal epithelial flap may be controlled with the use of a slit lamp. The patient is instructed to apply prescribed drops and to come in for a check-up visit on the next day.

The entire surgery procedure performed on one eye lasts several minutes, starting from the patients’ laying on the operating table and ending with his/her leaving the operating room. During the surgery it is important that a patient cooperates with the operating team and act in accordance with their instructions. This may influence the surgery results.
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