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Pre and post op recommendations

A patient should do the following before the planned surgery:

  • Take off soft contact lenses 4 weeks (in the case of hard contact lenses – 3 weeks) before the date of qualification examination.
  • Not stop or start taking contraceptive pills half a year before and after the surgery.
  • Not plan the surgery for the menstruation period.
  • No put any make-up 72 hours before the planned surgery.
  • Not have any alcoholic beverages 48 before the planned surgery.
  • Wash carefully his/her head and face (especially eyes) before the surgery; not use any perfume or deodorants and wear light and comfortable (preferably cotton) clothes.
  • On the surgery day and during the recuperation period, a patient should be free of any influenza infections as well as of any inflammation foci with respect to dentistry, laryngeal and internal medicine.

After laser vision correction surgery a patient should:

  • Have available pain-killers and apply them in reasonable doses in case of pain. After PRK surgery the pain in the operated eye may, although not necessarily, be considerable in the first 72 hours following the surgery.
  • Not clench his/her eye lids or rub eyes.
  • Apply the prescribed drops and gel in accordance with instructions.
  • Take care of the operated eye hygiene during the recuperation period, i.e. :
    • wash drop and gel discharge with boiled water;
    • avoid soap, water or shampoo from getting into the operated eye areas while taking a shower or a bath;
    • change pyjamas and bed linen;
    • take care of cleanliness in rooms, in which he/she stays; avoid dusted rooms and staying in rooms while they are being cleaned or up to 30 minute after the cleaning activities have been finished;
    • clip fringe hair or tie up long hair;
    • avoid contact with pathogenic germs (persons infected with flu, catarrh and other infectious diseases; not bathe in swimming pools, lakes, rivers , ponds and seas at least 3 months prior to the surgery).
  • not to sunbathe at least for six months, use solarium or sauna.
  • wear sunglasses on sunny days.
  • come in for check-up visits.

o Immediately after the surgery vision is blurred. Such effects may occur as lacrimation, eye burning, photophobia and foreign-body sensation (with various intensities). The improvement of vision acuity is gradual. In the event vision acuity does not improve and it even deteriorates during the next days after the surgery, a patient should come in for a check-up visit at once and not wait until the first post op check-up date.
During the recuperation period a patient may have temporary problems with vision acuity while reading.

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