Practically speaking, your server-side script should be designed to return an array of objects instead of a list of objects. json to object in jquery Jsonserializationexception: cannot deserialize the current JSON array (e.g. Source: Fetch JSon Data From Object: Object_name.Key; Properties should share the same data type. In Javascript/jQuery you can simply create an array variable and assign array elements to each index of it. jQuery.parseJSON( json ) Arguments: parseJSON (JSON) accepts a single parameter JSON, well-formed JSON string to be parsed. Values in JSON can be string, number, array, objects, Boolean values or even null. [1, 2, 3]) into type 'project1.models.root' because the type requires a JSON object Object array in json Now, let’s see how you can accomplish the same task, that is, converting data in JSON file to an array, using jQuery. Return value: This method will return a JavaScript string or object, number, an Array, or a Boolean value. 0. Take a look at the following script: