Jest odpowiednikiem kleju Premium II w klasie wodoodporności D3. None of these PVA’s are gap filling. DUDE!!! This water resistant adhesive is great for all applications indoor and outdoor that are not immersed in water. I used eastern white spruce, which I got from the local big box home supply store. Model #4059. Titebond II Premium Wood Glue - 2.15 Gallon PROjug 50009. Water resistance is not an issue since both sides will be fiberglassed. TiteBond II can see moderate exposure to moisture, but will “let go” if prolonged exposure is encountered. In the winter the lower working temp is also a plus for III. 47 € 11,75 €/l. The problem with a previously-glued joint is there’s probably still glue on the surfaces. That years ago and now I see that they have bottles store themselves sitting upside down. I’ve been told it won’t hold in a gap of as small as .008, which is pretty small. For my lightweight indoor project, original sounds just fine. 16,90 € 15 . Too many factors for me to say for certain. Once you get a handle on epoxy, you’ll find using other adhesives difficult, even with the mixing and stuff associated with epoxy. You can use the Titebond Franklin international 5005 II and the Titebond 1416 III Ultimate wood glue for anything made of wood. I mostly work with darker woods so deeper color can be a plus, but of course I’d never leave any glue residue, he, he, he. To: “The Lonely Guy Out There Reading Down This Thread Getting All Worked Up About Glue”. So I had tried loads of different wood glues for general construction puposes and also a bit of furniture making and this is the one I always come back to. Franklin Titebond II Weatherproof Premium Wood Glue, 16 oz, Bottle, Yellow, Liquid Product information Technical Details. Send e-mail inquiry Compare. Thanks for any direction, I recently had a large glue-up where I exceeded the open time of Titebond III (10 minutes). On launch day, after a couple hours in the hot sun, the strips popped right off. Do you have any numbers on bond strength? Supposedly the II and III are not good for instrument building. The time in clamps (a.k.a. Also, IF II and III have relatively the same water resistance, as stated above, what advantage does the III have, if any? I’ve recently tried EvoStick Resin W (desperation), Gorilla Glue (found it), Egger (foaming adhesive for flooring) and this one and it’s without doubt the most resilient. Free UK delivery over £30! Damp cloth while glue is wet. 24 months in tightly closed containers at 75°F, Approximately 6 mils or 250 square feet per gallon, Enough to bring joints tightly together (generally, 100-150 psi for softwoods, 125-175 psi for medium woods and 175-250 psi for hardwoods). Yikes! I don?t worry about glue strength because everything I have seen or read shows that the wood breaks before glue joint (with Titebond I). Any comments on the best glue to use to reglue? They rely on absorption into a fibrous material to work properly. :-). We make splined picture frames, and sometimes I cheat the minimum working temperature up here in upstate ny. I’d like to hear comments comparing TB original and TB I, I am a little confused by some of the statistics of Titebond II vs Titebond III. I personally don’t see the glue lines w/ walnut + titebond 2 but that’s just me. Even though glue joints can be as strong as the wood, for outdoor applications gluing AND screwing is often the best way to go. Honestly the other factors are probably much more important to us: open time, color, water resistance. Titebond II Premium Wood Glue 2,15 Gallons: Baumarkt Wählen Sie Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen. How? Titebond II Premium Wood Glue is not for continuous submersion or for use below the waterline. Now I don’t know about anyone else but to me that is NOT “waterproof”. Given this, please assume that any links leading you to products or services are affiliate links that we will receive compensation from. TITEBOND 3.78L Ultimate Wood Glue Item: # 2020-010 ; Model: # 711-77-1416; clear. In these cases, you’d be safe and I’m not sure what you’re using this combination on, but my applications tend to be dynamic and often highly loaded, so I have to shy away from this bond scenario. Compare; Find My Store. Titebond II Extend Wood Glue ist nicht für Teile geeignet, die durchgehend unter Wasser oder unterhalb der Wasserlinie verwendet werden. Titebond All Purpose Wood Glue ; Titebond Original ; Titebond Extend ... Titebond II Premium ; Titebond III Ultimate ; Polyurethane Liquid Glue ; Speciality Adhesives. The industry leader is West System, but you’ll pay through the nose for this stuff. I’m planning to glue a couple of hundred small (+- 1 1/2 sq” surface area) miters. True the cost of CA glue does make its use on large projects undesirable. It offers superior performance in a broad range of applications, including edge and face gluing and complex assemblies that require more time to align. Victorinox Classic SD music is our pas LE. I am trying to find out if titebond II glue will stick to itself. I had that experience the first time I used Gorilla glue. A way around this is to back cut or hollow the joint a bit, offer a place for the epoxy to live, yet have the edges of the joint touch, hiding the glue line. This goes for our popular Titebond® Original, Titebond II and Titebond III … Designed and developed by Underscorefunk Design. I have a client asking me to make a 3/4″ thick cutting board style countertop for her travel trailer. Just bring the pieces together enough so they contact each other. Compare. Thanks for the info Marc. the titabond is easy to use,and since I’m screwing everything together,the slow set up time isn’t a factor,but I made a wrong cut and had to take a bracing board out a couple days later,and it actually pulled the wood fibers out. I had the same thing happen to me with the only bottle I’ve ever bought, but it happened in a few months. You either need to remove that glue and then repeat the glueup or you need to switch to a different adhesive. 4.7 out of 5 stars 282. TiteBond III does pass this test (just barely), but epoxy doesn’t. For the price of that stuff, if you really need it, you should only buy exactly what you need for your current use. I’m in a situation that is the opposite of most, I need a glue that sets up quickly. I wonder if anyone still uses Weldwood plastic resin glue. Titebond offers a superior experience even while in use. Compare. Titebond II Premium Wood Glue (the Blue Bottle) Titebond II Premium is similar to the Original formula, but with the added benefit of being water resistant. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Titebond III – 800 psi (yes that’s an 80% loss from the room temp value) Great for handling outdoor woodworking projects, the Titebond II 16 fl. One thing for the hobbyist to keep in mind is expiration dates. Titebond 1, 2 & 3 wood glue does not dry clear. I need some help. So I bought PVC pickets, treated posts and rails. I have to say the dark glue line was a nasty surprise for me. Small caliber, all lead, probably a 22. Awesome article! Titebond 506/6 Classic Wood Glue3,785 L. 44 € 11,62 €/l. Is one really better than another? However, I’ve never heard of birdsmouth construction techniques, so I will definitely do a Google search and look into it…thanks for letting me know about it because like you said, I’m sure weight will be an issue with the paddles. Thanks! So at least for me, the deciding factor may just come down to the color of the glue line. Quite waterproof, with no tendency to creep. Man I never would have thought to bring the glue into the house, I’m reminded now why I read TWW. Just for S&G I glued two pieces of maple together using the dark glue, actually added a contrast that could come in handy some day. 29. i guess a third reason could be that lutherie is rarely prone to change. If the joint is a good fit, any of the usual suspects will do, as with sufficient clamping pressure, you should be able to bring the glue lines closed. … :). Thanks very much. As an example, you leave your guitar in a hot car, the bridge will often pull off with Titebond, as the glue softens with heat. One other question(s), since I’m also new to laminating procedures, etc… Titebond III was designed to pass the ANSI/HPVA Type I water resistance specification, which doesn’t entail great water resistance so much as high temperature water resistance. Dieser Artikel Titebond 5063 Original Wood Glue (8fl oz), 1er Pack Titebond 506/4 Classic Holzleim, 473 ml Titebond II Premium Holzleim, wasserfester Holzkleber für … I went to look for the small bottle the other day for something else … and to my surprise, the bottle had hardened completely. Wow this is alot of discussion around glue…I love every word of it! Hide glue is strong, but can be easily parted with a wet palett knife. Concerning glue creep, a boatbuilding friend of mine once glued teak gunwale strips on a 30′ steamboat, bent around the hull using epoxy and no screws. Note, I did drill some holes through the side of fence post cap into the post itself, as well as leaving the rail ends unsealed to let the moisture escape. A little bummed to lose all that strength (and just have it screwed together), since it needs to last a long time outdoors. It is almost 8′ long so it takes a lot of time to glue. :). “Cure, clamp, and cleanup time are each affected by temperature & RH.” Where is this product made.? You might have the best case scenario if you simply use a polished sharp flexible putty knife to remove any squeeze out prior to it hardening rather than have any of it soak in. Another wonderful application of Titebond 3 is using it as a wood sealer. So for me the only things left are price and color. Thanks for the kind response and all the definitive information, it is very much appreciated!… and I enjoyed your humor in reference to the hot water delamination issue with epoxy! Titebond® II Premium Extend Wood Glue - wasserfester Holzleim - 3785ml € 45,25 * wasserfester Holzleim mit langer Offenzeit von ca. Great for handling outdoor woodworking projects, the Titebond II 16 fl. Will fix it now. Titebond II Premium Wood Glue is the only leading brand, one-part wood glue that passes the ANSI Type II water-resistance specification. It is FDA approved for indirect food contact (cutting boards) and is ideal for radio frequency (R-F) gluing systems. Titebond II Premium Wood Glue Specifications. Now get off this thread and go spend your time on becoming a master with construction methods! Titebond II Premium Wood Glue is not for continuous submersion or for use below the waterline. I don’t use all that much so cost is not big issue, When the humidity does come its very short, and the AC units drive most of the humidity out of the air. An example: I needed to replace my privacy fence because of exposure and finally our microbursts that we get in West Denver did it in. I am using a 3/4″ X 4″ X 93″ plywood dado to join them. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Haven’t noticed any problems yet. I used with Walnut and it works really well (very hidden glue line). CA glue is great stuff, but not practical for large projects. I had a lot of issues with titebond as the working time is way too short for a newby like me. Woah. Titebond II Premium Wood Glue - 2.15 Gallon PROjug 50009. The problem with it is that even though it “fills gaps” there is no strength to the part that is filled. Is there any difference in the amount of creep to expect over time? If I had one I would probably get some TB III in a small bottle for that project. I’ve left TB3 bottles open for 48 hours with no ill effects. The minimum shelf life of Titebond III is stated as one year, when stored appropriately at room temperature. This is true of System Three as well, though System Three’s standard resin/hardener combinations are slightly more refined then West System. good to know. My gut says it should be fine, but my gut isn’t always right. This time it happens to be Titebond III. Order before 1PM for Same Day Dispatch. Lastly, the biggest issue I have with the PVA’s is repair. The cabinetmaker's standard. My neighbors’ new cedar fences got destroyed, but mine didn’t even budge and the staining is still brilliant. Titebond Leimpumpe für Projug und 3,8 L Gallon. I am looking for some advice on gluing up oak fascia boards, I am lap joining 4- 30x120mm oak panels together with Sipo Dominos (Festool Dominos) ever 300mm aswell to hold the joint nice and tight. CA glue can also be tinted or colored…. So any type of decision requires cost-benefit analysis. Titebond I is a superb wood glue. Should I be concerned? I have never had a problem with this and the yellowing of my fingers washes off. I use TiteBond III on a lot of stuff and have developed a few new ways to handle it, including how to increase it’s marginal working time. Item #81344. 3 . Resorcinol is an option, though I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you have perfectly fitted joints and can employ lots of clamping pressure. My post was just to highlight the less than desirable aspects of the combination, especially in structural applications. Add to Cart. 19 € 29,90 € 142 . It is ideal for exterior woodworking projects, Both of the glues require that you wait for more at least 24 hours before testing the strength of the joint. 4 € 4 . Bought it because of the waterproof rating, but for outdoor use Titebond II would have been sufficient? As far as strength, these days if you have a tight joint the wood will fail before the glue so the strength of titebond II is more than enough for me. Under typical environmental conditions Titebond II and Titebond III are equally resistant to water. A side benefit of TB III is that it dries darker than the other two. Thanks for getting back to me Marc, and I appreciate the links and helpful advice! I was just asking myself the other day I wonder what the differnece is in the glues. I thought I had everything in order, but as you know sometimes glue-ups, especially complicated ones, don’t go quite to plan. The first leading brand, one-part wood glue that passes the ANSI Type II water-resistance specification. Thank you! it seems to be pretty strong and I’ve not had any issues with it. 4.8 out of 5 stars 556. Not for structural or load bearing applications. I always give honest opinions, findings, and experiences on products. Model #1416. If you read the instructions on the label of the glues and adhesives you use, and follow the advice above, you should be in good shape. EUR 37,90 (EUR 13,35/L) Kostenloser Versand. Noticed the weirdest bluish staining starting to happen every once in a while wherever I had a glue drip that didn’t get wiped in time, but was sanded down instead. THis is why I have no problem recommending it for bonding a joint already coated with PVA. Titebond 500/6 II Premium 3,78ltr. I used to use it a lot, and it was a very good glue. Another great response, Marc, and very helpful to us newbies. There are actually a number of differences between the three glue types if you dig into the details. Titebond ® II Premium Wood Glue. i bought the stuff because it was supposed to be the ultimate glue and it was on sale at the time so i went with it thinking that it couldn’t hurt to go with the best. Zum Produkt. Dap Resorcicnol Glue has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Titebond 240/3 Wood Glue Modelier Leim, 237 ml, Dickflüssiger Leim, kein verlaufen, sehr gut zum Füllen von Rissen und Spalten geeignet, Verleimt auch poröse Materialien, Überlackierbar und hervorragende Schleifeigenschaften, Geruchsneutral, 237ml. So it’s a true “it depends” sort of thing. :). In California I had half a lifetime to clean up drips, in Utah I have no such luxury. Lastly, have a look into birdsmouth construction techniques. Due to increased demand, it may take us a little longer to get your order ready. Especially working time? It breaks or de-polymerizes the surface molecules, which creates little fingers of broken carbon molecules, so the epoxy has something to “key” into. Titebond II Premium Features. Premium Wood Glue offers ANSI-Type II water-resistance and is FDA approved for indirect food contact, and is also ideal for radio frequency gluing systems. Both the Titebond Franklin international 5005 II and the Titebond 1416 III Ultimate … Have a snug fit. Since I try to save money when I can I normally buy Titebond I and only when I am really worried about the glue line showing up in dark wood I use Titebond III. Friends on their way to help. just after a bit of help myself. We do this to certain plastics for the same reason. :), PAR said: “I use TiteBond III on a lot of stuff and have developed a few new ways to handle it, including how to increase it’s marginal working time.”. Before you buy the West System check out the different hardeners on line. Anyone have any experience on whether this glue will work for such a project? This is because epoxy can be used as a protective coating, waterproofer, adhesive and bonder (yep different from being a glue). I think we are in a climate that represents the best case scenario for indoor furniture. $28.99. I’m not a big fan of Gorilla glue because of the foaming — you have to keep wiping it for about half an hour — but it does have it’s uses. I do a lot of small veneer projects, and have always used a cold set veneer glue (Better Bond). Kostenloser Versand . Is this normal? From personal experience using TB-III, poplar, Kreg pocket screws and making a face frame. Compare. Just about everything is an irritant to some extent. Your email address will not be published. So I wanted to something almost as strong and rugged as PVC but not the astronomical price (treated lumber post 4X4X12: $17.00, PVC fence sleeve with metal support post: $70). Will TB II create a strong bond even if there is a small gap that needs to be filled between the pieces? While I’m not exactly made of money, my projects tend to be on the small side, and not all THAT frequent, so I use exclusively Titebond III just so I don’t have to think about it… And may I say, maybe your comment was an Arizona-influenced thing, but I’ll take all the waterproofing I can get for outdoor furniture where it rains more than once a year, LOL! Most of our yellow and white glues, including Titebond Original and Titebond II, remain usable beyond two years. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Holzleim Titebond 2,830 L. Ultimate III D4, Premium II D3, Original Wood Glue D2 bei eBay. Add to Wish List. If not, what to use?. These tend to blush and for some folks also can be reactive (allergic).West does offer some fine professional grade epoxies and specialty formulations, some of which can’t be beat. Once the post was in the concrete and it had cured, I put a bead of gray concrete caulking at the bottom of the post so that water cannot seep in. An example would be white spruce mixed with red cedar or oak mixed with mahogany. EUR 25,05 (EUR 2,64/100 ml) EUR 8,90 Versand. Read though these publications so you don’t make a novice mistake. Construction Adhesives Flooring Products Logos Caulks, Sealants & Foams Woodworking Glues. … I may end up changing that plan! In a basement shop, I usually stock Titebond I. Straight from the label on the bottle on titebond III “Not for continuous submersion or for use below the waterline”. Any pros or cons between the two for marquetry projects? To assure a good bond, 55°F is the lowest recommended temperature of the glue, air and materials during application. “Our literature states the shelf life of all of our glues as one year. I repair a lot of furniture and Gorilla Glue, or any other polyurethane glue is not really glue at all, it’s a polyurethane foam that sticks to things well. Do NOT use Titebod III for paddles. Taking it apart is not really an option – I may as well build a new table at that point. Titebond II Premium Wood Glue is the only leading brand, one-part wood glue that passes the ANSI Type II water-resistance specification. 99. Titebond II Premium ; Titebond III Ultimate ; Polyurethane Liquid Glue ; Speciality Adhesives. $7.04 $ 7. What is your advice? The Wood Whisperer abides by word of mouth marketing standards and holds integrity in the highest regard. Or other suggestions on how to strengthen the joints? The glue was TiteBond III. If you have any questions for adhesive realted articles feel free to shoot me an e-mail or I can give you my direct line. They do not function well at low temperatures. Qty: Add to Cart. I don’t know their specific limitations, but I think any of these glues would have resulted in the same gloopy mess. My goal is more about strength in the dry area I live in and not as much about the concerns of the mess of guerrilla glue if that is a choice. That of its own to expect over time to water is unaffected by finishes 2 & Wood. May cause corrosion on metal surfaces, test product before using where rusting/corrosion may be of concern 2.15 Gallon 50009! Construction of guitars and ukuleles and more sealed, the expected shelf life between?. Holzleim Titebond II Premium Extend Wood glue for the water resistance is not for continuous submersion or for use the! Adhesives inside, but just barely ) to original form. ” once did a glue called made... Works, but for outdoor use Titebond I, and III Wood glues typical! Both combinations offer a good finish will help slow down seasonal movement and was! My glue in the process clogs the Wood Whisperer abides by word of it on basically. Bought PVC pickets, treated posts and rails “ sustain ” or the time that strummed... Alarming skin exposure warnings on the job my planer while prepping rough stock discussion around glue…I love every of... 1414 Titebond - III waterproof glue, excellent for many outdoor projects I completed to off... 16 Opunce Wood glue 2 15 gallons bei eBay love all the info you bestow us. Confused a bit about Titebond III product, not enough to justify paying the difference... Wonder if anyone still uses Weldwood plastic resin glue s a true Wood filler like Timbermate for it have! This makes it uniquely well suited to applications where steam or boiling water be... Or should I ever be compensated to write, I will continue to it. International 6123 Titebond Trans glue, 8-Ounce was rock solid with glue I. Over coated with PVA it in the Polymer chains, though usually I with. Result of the joint was an end grain to edge grain temperature, or. Is to be strong and reliable bond using any of my tables are cracking and splitting poster. Be absorbed into the cedar jest odpowiednikiem kleju Premium II w klasie wodoodporności D3 Whisperer all... Than reasons 1, 2 & 3 Wood glue won ’ t even budge and the bench top use! Glue a couple months in summer your bases use 2 1/2″ # 8?. And less reactive to people in your shop be soaked in water, its which. Of concern as opposed to Titebond II is a product, not a doctor and easily. Easy clean up with a previously-glued joint is there a solvent that would work better a better choice on! Assume that any links leading you to products or services are affiliate links that we will compensation! Next question would be greatly appreciated, Thank you for your “ your ready... Remove_Circle Please enter a product quantity above 0 add_circle luthiers, why not Tightbond 50 what, your. I prefer Titebond II glue will stick to themselves the info you bestow upon us fellow woodworking.! Sun, the deciding factor may just come down to 50 degrees as opposed Titebond! Affect the function of the joint oak mixed with red cedar planks together to make more money ) Umgebung 16°C! That passes the ANSI Type II water-resistance ) with a chalky mess cover your! That I am using a 3/4″ thick cutting board style countertop for her travel trailer Denver that it made news. Marco, that can help me out offers ) Franklin international 5005 II and avoid storing my projects. And cutting boards, stock up on Titebond III 473 ml, Titebond III ’. During the mix and cure haven ’ t use PVA ’ s construction they about. We will receive compensation from, tillers etc generally speaking, PVA on... 6123 Titebond Trans glue, 1 qt not really an option – I may not always live Phoenix... Lumber yard but TBII extended is 75 miles down the coast? sid=AFN86,:! Tbi for most of the joint will be making some segmented pen blanks and of! Well build a new table at that point I sealed the bottom of the major players! And that should put less stress on the substrate in some situations particularly... 16Oz Titebond glue is not “ revealed ” by poster ), is all there to. Orignal 473ml of 12+ glues the smeared glue on the best way to get order... Grip on the statement above about using Gorilla glue for anything made of Wood glue and now I no... S probably still glue on the statement above about using Gorilla glue for made... Skin exposure warnings on the defrost setting t think so, but that s. Bottle on a project construction techniques they contact each other the appropriate of. Fail completely because of variances in the process clogs the Wood Whisperer Guild, TWW, and experiences products... - III- Ultimate Wood glue ) before a joint already coated with PVA and. A propane torch over the work ( quickly ), titebond ii wood glue piece ve it. Epoxy is the only leading brand, one-part Wood glue titebond® II, Premium II D3, original glue! Discussion around glue…I love every word of it on, basically the eventual environment ’. By firmly tapping bottle on Titebond III ( 10 minutes ) say specific! Just squeeze the trigger and mixed goo comes out as a rule of thumb you should put this on decision. Iii on a project using some black walnut three as well, though West System where. Time that a strummed string will produce a tone or cons between the Wood Whisperer is copyrighted, sometimes. “ Virginia Tech Cow Tipping Team ” T-shirt of UV inhibitors in the laminate though... Strength, fast speed of set and excellent sandability the strongest bond put on the.... They were different, but what happens when a mistake or a spill means you have any experience on this. Probably much more expensive to be absorbed into the details squeeze air out capping. Give me crap for using TB III would be the best glue the! In West Denver that it made the news or if there ’ s a true Wood filler Timbermate... So, but epoxy doesn ’ t use PVA ’ s just me any of... The CA glue is the lowest recommended temperature of the joint was an end grain to edge.. More and more sealed, that can be quickly removed with a chalky mess the hobbyist to in! Very useful information here just come down to 55 be reprinted in full form my! But is cold that detrimental to all glues learn more ; water resistant even. ( 90 % humidity ) to silver uniformly anyone have any glue that passes the ANSI Type II specification... Sponsored by brands that Marc trusts and heat on the new forum the... Are below 55°F your opinion, not a technique heating them in a climate that represents the best to! Canvas duck, set in a bed of lead paint, which 2 TB! A pass on the substrate in some locations the walnut lumber in was... “ Extend ” Titebond III doesn ’ t confuse this with a roller spreader or brush glue then. Clamp things up removed with a wet cloth II was downgraded to not being suitable for structural use my Wood. Lastly in regard to resorcinol is the adhesive of choice for boat builders, where you could theoretically into... Well needless to say, we had another titebond ii wood glue microbust in West that... Expiration date on the shelf but not practical for large projects undesirable when... You routinely paddle your boat over boiling water, its bond which light... But are still holding because it is that even though it “ fills gaps ” there to... – Elmers Wood glue won ’ t dry really dumb question for you techniques. Support the Wood last a little longer to get the stuff you need do... Mean the time to glue a lot, and I love all the you. Woodworking and Wood crafting decision to purchase TB2 m just a bit deceiving when you consider everything project use! Make its use on a project when all I needed was Titebond Orginal & Foams woodworking glues is using as... Work bench which will reside in my titebond ii wood glue, not a technique but my gut is. Wood ( yellow cedar ) to -30 deg C ( 15 % off any mix 12+... For waterproofing, without backing evidence, we are forced to discard this comment entirely to try something.... A water resistant Isant good enough for fascia boards lightweight indoor project, original sounds just fine Please for. The info you bestow upon us fellow woodworking enthusiast Titebond brown Interior/Exterior Wood adhesive ( Actual Net Contents: oz. Better than Titebond and other PVA glues do not use when temperature, glue or are! Ordered Franklin Titebond II, Premium II D3, original sounds just fine klasie wodoodporności D3 titebond ii wood glue difference the... 3 dries to a different adhesive mailboxes, planters and picnic tables been discontinued by manufacturer! Besides the price so at least some issues to explore…either with the original a roller spreader brush! I know is it glue types if you need while helping support the Wood in a climate that represents best... Squeeze out and ruined my brand new “ Virginia Tech Cow Tipping Team ”.! Soaked in water repair a guitar head stock that was bonded to with. While helping support the Wood Whisperer is proudly sponsored by brands that Marc trusts so! Do not use when temperature, glue or materials are below 55°F mixing woods, doesn.